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  往往对于英语的复习。在小编看来,想要提升自己的英语期末成绩的一种重要方法就是多做试题!下面是学习啦小编整理的人教版高一英语必修一Unit 5期末复习试题以供大家学习参考。治疗癫痫病的方法有什么

  1.He gave ________ a rich life for his ideas and fought ________ his country to be free from the UK ______ a peaceful way.

  2.It was in 1952 and Mandela was the black lawyer ________ whom I went for advice.

  3.He offered guidance ________ poor black people ________ their legal problems.

  4.He was generous ________ his time,________ which I was grateful.

  5.The school where I studied for only two years was three kilometres ________.

  6.After trying hard,I got a job ________ a gold mine.

  7.I worried ________ whether I would become out ________ work.

  8.The parts of town ________ which they had to live were decided by 武汉市哪个医院可以看好癫痫病white people.

  9.________ a matter of fact,I do not like violence...but in 1963 I helped him blow ________ some government buildings.

  10.Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was ________ trouble.


  1.The time when I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life.





  I shall never forget ____________________________ the beautiful island.

  2.The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress,...





  __________________________ the landing of humans on the moon.

  3.Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.




  ____________________________________________ that she had lost her handbag.

  4.But I was happy to help because I knew it would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people equal.







  1.Courage is one of the best ______ of a good soldier.

  A.quality B.quantity C.qualities D.quantities

  2.A great person is someone who devotes his/her life ______others.

  A.to help B.helping C.to helping D.helped

  3.He ______ the first Republic in China in 1911 after many years’ fighting.

  A.found B.founded C.finding D.finds

  4.He was the first man ______ on the moon in July 1969.

  A.landing B.landed C.land D.to land

  5.I had to leave because my family could not continue to pay the school ______ and the bus ______.

  A.fees;fare B.fare;fees C.fee;fee D.fare;fare

  6.Unt合肥治癫痫哪里好il today we have reached a stage ______ we have ______ no rights at all.

  A.where;nearly B.where;almost

  C.that;nearly D.which;almost

  7.We were put into a position ______ we had either to accept we were less important,______ fight the government.

  A.when;or B.when;nor C.in which;or D.in which;nor

  8.When he organized the ANC Youth League,I joined it ______.

  A.as soon as I possible

  B.as soon as could

  C.as possible as could

  D.as soon as I could

  9.Elias was ______ to blow up government buildings.

  A.willing B.decided C.devoted D.busy

  10.Why did Nelson Mandela _________ violence to make black and white people equal?

  A.turn down B.turn up C.turn over D.turn to

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